Cake Recipes page 4

This moist, fluffy almond flour cake is a must try, especially topped with fresh berries. This tender cake is a great summer dessert! Bonus! The use of almond flour in this cake makes it gluten free!!

This recipe for classic pound cakes is so easy to whip together and so delicious. The bonus?? It makes 2 cakes, so you can keep one and give one to your neighbor or friend! Also, using our USA Pan loaf pans makes it easy because you never have to worry about greasing or flouring your pans!

This layered strawbery dessert is great for a warm weather picnic, or for when you need something simple to put together for a large group! Layers of vanilla pudding, strawberries, and store bought cake make this one especially delicious and simple! Although this recipe yields a lot of dessert, leftovers are always yummy!!

Two classic desserts combined into one! This decadent apple pie monkey bread will have your family and friend picking it apart in no time!

These mini apple upside-down cakes are a delcious dessert during apple season. Top with homemade caramel sauce and your guests will be happy they wont have to share their personal sized cake!