AB 1200 Regulation Information

AB1200 Regulation Information

The information contained within this document pertains to the California Assembly Bill Number 1200 (also referred to as “AB1200”).

What are the requirements of California AB1200?

The cookware disclosure requirement of California AB 1200 is found in the California Health & Safety Code beginning in Section 109010. As of January 1, 2024, manufacturers of cookware sold in the state containing one or more intentionally added chemicals from a designated list of chemicals are required to identify those chemicals on the product label. This law also requires, beginning January 1, 2023, cookware manufacturers to identify such chemicals on its website.

For more information, please visit:

Assembly Bill No. 1200 California Legislation

“Cookware” means items used to prepare, dispense, or store food, foodstuffs, or beverages: pot, pans, skillets, grills, baking sheets, baking molds, trays, bowls, and cooking utensils. “Intentionally added” means that the manufacturer has intentionally added the chemical to the product and the chemical has a functional or technical effect in the product. The tables in this web page identify the cookware for which the website disclosure is required.

USA Pan Food Safety Statement

At Premier Pan Company, parent company to USA Pan, product safety is paramount to our business philosophy. In addition to annual testing by third-party laboratories, all of our products comply with relevant limits and rules established by the Federal Food and Drug Administration and the European Union governing the safe use of products in direct contact with food. At USA Pan we are confident that our products pose no health risks.

Aluminized Steel Bakeware Products

10105SC Small Cookie Tray Pan
10205MC Medium Cookie Tray Pan
1030LC Cookie Sheet Pan
10305LC Large Cookie Tray Pan
1040JR Jelly Roll Pan
1040JRLD-ST Jelly Roll Pan & Lid Set
1043MS Mini Sheet Pan
1045QS Quarter Sheet Pan
1050HS Half Sheet Pan
1050HSLD-ST Half Sheet Pan & Lid Set
1051HS Heavy Duty Half Sheet Pan
1055HS Extra Large Sheet Pan
5400LC 4 Inch Round Cake Pan
5600LC 6 Inch Round Cake Pan
1060LC 8 Inch Round Cake Pan
1070LC 9 Inch Round Cake Pan
1080LC 10 Inch Round Cake Pan
5120LC 12 Inch Round Cake Pan
1042LC-ST Three Piece Round Cake Pan Set
1052LC-ST Three Piece Round Cake Pan Set
1095LC-ST Five Piece Round Cake Pan Set
1086SF 9 Inch Leakproof Springform Pan
1087FT Fluted Tube Cake Pan
1090PZ 12 Inch Pizza Pan
1097PZ 14 Inch Pizza Pan
1096PZ 16 Inch Pizza Pan
1100PE 9 Inch Pie Pan
1110RC Rectangular Cake Pan
1117RC Seamless Rectangular Cake Pan
1117RCLD-ST Seamless Rectangular Cake Pan & Lid Set
1111RC Lasagna/ Bake & Roast Pan
1111RCLD-ST Lasagna Pan & Lid Set
1116RC Roaster Pan
1120BW 8 Inch Square Cake Pan
1121BW Seamless 8 Inch Square Cake Pan
1130BW 9 Inch Square Cake Pan
1130BWLD-ST 9 Inch Square Cake Pan & Lid Set
1140Lf Small Loaf Pan - 1 lb. vol.
1146LF Seamless Loaf Pan - 1 lb. vol.
1142LF Cocktail Loaf Pan
1143LF Biscotti Pan
1145LF Medium Loaf Pan - 1 1/4 lb. vol.
1150LF Large Loaf Pan - 1 1/2 lb. vol.
1151IT Italian Loaf Pan
1152FR French Baguette Pan
1153LF Mini Loaf Pan - Set of 4
1155LF Strapped Mini Loaf Pan
1157LF Meat Loaf Pan with Insert
1160PM Large Pullman Loaf Pan & Cover
1170PM Small Pullman Loaf Pan & Cover
1190NE New England Hot Dog Bun Pan
1200MF 12 Cup Muffin Pan
1200MFLD-ST 12 Cup Muffin Pan & Lid Set
1210MF 12 Cup Crown Muffin Pan
1222MF 24 Cup Mini Muffin Pan
1225MF Mini Loaf Pan - 8 Well
1240HM Mini Round Cake Pan - 6 Well
1250HM Brownie Bite Pan - 20 Well
1251MF Brownie Bowl Pan - 6 Well
1255FT Mini Fluted Tart Pan - 6 Well
1260DN Donut Pan - 6 Well
1265TM Texas Muffin Pan - 6 Cup
1280FC Mini Fluted Cupcake Pan - 12 Cup
1285CC Mini Cheesecake Pan - 6 Well
1290PO Popover Pan - 6 Well
1295MF 6 Cup Muffin Pan
1297MD Madeleine Pan - 16 Well
1604CR Quarter Sheet Pan & Baking Rack Set
1605CR Jelly Roll Pan & Baking Rack Set
1606CR Half Sheet Pan & Baking Rack Set
1607CR Extra Large Sheet Pan & Baking Rack Set
1310ST Three Piece Bakeware Set
1360ST Five Piece Bakeware Set
1320ST Six Piece Bakeware Set
1704MT Quarter Sheet Pan & Baking Mat Set
1705MT Jelly Roll Pan & Baking Mat Set
1706MT Half Sheet Pan & Baking Mat Set
1050HS-3-ABC Half Sheet Pan
1070LC-3-ABC 9 Inch Round Cake Pan
1110RC-3-ABC Rectangular Cake Pan
1120BW-3-ABC 8 Inch Square Cake Pan
1140LF-3-ABC Loaf Pan
1606CR-3-ABC Half Sheet Pan & Baking Rack Set
1058HS Half Sheet Pan
1611CR Half Sheet Pan with Rack
1046QS Quarter Sheet Pan
598671 Quarter Sheet Pan
598672 Half Sheet Pan
598674 9 Inch Round Cake Pan
602377 Pie Pan
602375 Rectangular Cake Pan
602376 Square Cake Pan
598675 Loaf Pan
598673 12 Cup Muffin Pan
598676 Cookie Tray Pan
1050HS-PAT Half Sheet Pan
1070LC-PAT 9 Inch Round Cake Pan
1110RC-PAT Rectangular Cake Pan
1120BW-PAT Square Cake Pan
1140LF-PAT Loaf Pan
4722216 3 Piece Set
4722703 6 Piece Set
6249708 6 Piece Set
1390ST 9 Piece Set

The products in the table above contain:

Designated Chemical(s) Authoritative List(s) Link to Authoritative List(s)
Iron CWA 303(d) Link
Manganese CWA 303(d); CDC 4th National Exposure Report; OEHHA RELs; CA TACs; CA NLs; ATSDR Neurotoxicants; IRIS Neurotoxicants Link
Nickel Prop 65; IARC Carinogens - 1; CA TACs; NTP 13th RoC - known, OEHHA RELs, CWA 303(d), CWA 303(c) Link
Aluminum CWA 303(d); CA MCLs; ATSDR Neurotoxicants Link
Phosphorus CWA 303(d); CA TACs Link
Chromium, Total CA MCLs Link
Copper CDC 4th National Exposure Report; CWA 303(c); CWA 303(d); OEHHA RELs Link
Vanadium and Compounds CA NLs Link