snack recipes

This fresh, light vanilla chip fruit tart is the perfect dessert for your summer festivities! A cookie crust with a delicious vanilla filling, all topped with delicious fresh fruit and a sweet glaze.

Our pie pans can be used for delicious appetizers as well as pies! This pizza dip is so easy to pull together. Top it with your favorite pizza toppings and you have a quick appetizer for entertaining!

These mini corn dog muffins make a great treat for kids (and adults)! A great party food, these are so easy you don't even need a mixer!

Who doesn’t love mac and cheese? By using our USA Pan muffin pan to make individual portion sizes, we’ve taken this favorite up a notch! These bites feature a buttery, cracker crust, filled with creamy mac and cheese, and are topped with even more cheese to make these extra cheesy and delicious.

Our half sheet pan is all you need to make these delicious, cheesy potato skins. Perfect for a party appetizer or for the big game, these potato skins are crispy on the outside and flavorful on the inside. Use our half sheet pan to also make the bacon to avoid a greasy, spattering mess on your cooktop!