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Sweet Treat Recipes

This nice twist on everyone’s favorite campfire snack will be the highlight of any party or movie night. These S'mores Cups are a buttery graham cracker cup filled with a gooey marshmallow and topped with chocolate.

We all scream for strawberry ice cream! A refreshing treat for the summer months that everyone will enjoy on a hot day. This ice cream only calls for five ingredients and your USA Pan loaf pan!

This rich and decadent chocolate ice cream will satisfy any chocoholic!

Crunchy, salty, and sweet, this caramel corn is the perfect snack!

A classic French pastry, that will satisfy any sweet tooth!

A classic ice cream flavor that you can enjoy on it's own or with your favorite toppings!

This s'more dip is perfect for celebrating springtime, as we've used brightly colored marshmallow peeps for the marshmallow layer.! All the ingredients get layered in our 9" round pan and then thrown under the broiler for a few minutes, and then you're ready to dip into the chocolate, marshmallow peanut butter ooey gooeyness!

This fruity, refreshing strawberry pretzel jell-o is the perfect springtime dessert. Layered with a crunchy, sweet pretzel crust, followed by a sweet whipped cream layer, and topped with a delicous strawberry pineapple topping. This one is a great addition to any pot luck and is a favorite of David Bundy here at USA Pan!