Breakfast Recipes page 2

These delicious cake donuts are a breeze to whip together in the morning, and are much healthier than the fried version! You can easily customize these with different flavors of glaze, or even just a shake of cinnamon and sugar. Thanks to our USA Pan non stick coating, there is no added grease or cooking spray needed for this recipe!!

These old fashioned doughnuts get some added flavor with the addition of a little nutmeg! Baked in a hot oven using your USA Pan doughnut pan, and you can surprise your family with fresh, warm doughnuts. Prepare the glazes and toppings and let everyone finish their own!

These light and airy cream puffs feature a vanilla custard filling sandwiched between a light and flaky pastry. This dessert is sure to impress, but is deceptively easy!

These sweet, light, and fluffy rolls, filled with cinnamon and slathered with cream cheese icing will be one of your family's favorites!! Even with the sticky filling and icing, nothing will stick to our USA Pan!!