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Made from the highest quality food-grade silicone, these nonstick silicone baking mats provide even heat transfer with superior baking and browning results.

Our Nonstick Bakeware Features

  • Protect your pans and create a nonstick baking surface with a silicone baking mat
  • Our set of 3 silicone baking mats fit perfectly in our half sheet pan or any pan that is 16.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Reduces need for foil or parchment paper
  • Made of high quality fiberglass mesh and food-grade silicone for superior nonstick
  • Made in China
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Our set of 3 silicone baking mats are just the protective, nonstick mats that you need to enhance your baking game. Made of high quality food-safe silicone and flexible fiberglass-weave, our mats are heat resistant, durable, and versatile. Use them in your baking pan to cut down on the use of oils, sprays, grease, parchment paper, and aluminum foil. Instead, the mat provides a nonstick surface that releases food easily and makes clean-up quick and easy. They will also cut down on discoloration of your pan’s surface from high fat or oily recipes. They transfer heat easily, so you get great baking or cooking results. And use them outside the pan as well. Silicone baking mats are great in freezers, microwaves, and countertops as well. Harden candy or desserts, roll out pastry crusts, or more with this fabulous set of silicone baking mats. Safe in oven, microwave, and freezer from -40° to 500° (-40°C to 260°C).

Item Number: 1702MT-ST-1 Material: Food-grade silicone and fiberglass mesh Total Pieces: 3 Pieces

Items Included:

  • 3 x Silicone Baking Mats

Baking Mat Dimensions: 16.375 x 11.4375 inches

non sticking

Americoat® Nonstick Silicone Coating

Safe for Food Contact

Non-Stick Silicone Coating

Safe for Food Contact

(FDA Approved)

Oven safe up to 450 degrees

Oven Safe Up to 450 °F (230°C)

Aluminized Steel

Food-Grade Silicone

This product contains aluminum, manganese, iron and vanadium and compounds. For more information about chemicals in this product, visit
Este producto contiene aluminio, manganeso, hierro y vanadio y compuestos. Para más información sobre las sustancias químicas en este producto, visite
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Use and Care

Do not exceed 450°F (230°C).
Our bakeware conducts heat efficiently, which may require you to reduce the time and temperature as necessary. Hand wash bakeware in warm water with mild dishwashing soap using a sponge , rinse and dry thoroughly. Do not place in dishwasher. Follow recipe instructions, greasing and flouring as directed. Cooking spray is not recommended. To maintain the pan’s appearance over time, use a silicone baking mat or line the pan with aluminum foil when roasting vegetables or baking higher fat foods such as french fries or meat. Use only silicone, nylon or wooden utensils. Do not use sharp metal utensils.

Silicone Baking Mat Set of 3

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These nonstick silicone baking mats release food easily while providing even heat transfer with superior baking and browning results.

Product Features
  • Creates a reusable nonstick baking surface
  • Highest quality food-grade silicone that releases food easily
  • Even heat transfer for superior browning and baking results
  • Flexible glass-weave construction for durability
  • Oven, microwave and freezer safe from -40°F to 500°F (-40°C to 260°C)
  • Imported
Product Details

Item Number: 1702MT-ST-1

Dimensions: 16.375 x 11.4375 inches

Total Pieces: 3 Pieces

Material: Food-grade silicone and fiberglass mesh

Product Description: Turn any pan into a nonstick surface and save time cleaning up with these easy to use silicone baking mats. Made of fiberglass mesh and the highest quality food-grade silicone, these baking mats replace the need for butter, grease, oils, and sprays while preventing discoloration on your pan’s surface from high-fat or oily recipes.

Use and Care

Rinse before first use. Place baking mat on a sheet pan. Lay product to be baked or frozen on baking mat. Baking temperatures may need to be adjusted according to your oven. No greasing required. Store flat or rolled. Wipe the baking mat with a damp, soft sponge, then rinse with clean water. Shake to remove excess water and dry in open air. May be hand washed in warm water with mild dishwashing soap if needed. Note: the oily feeling after washing is normal, as is discoloration. Strong flavored foods may leave a trace scent on the baking mat.