Why Coatings Matter

Why the Right Bakeware Coating Can Make the Biggest Difference

The act of baking is a natural, heart-warming experience that is positively enjoyable, especially when sharing the experience with a good friend or a close relative. For many of us at USA Pan, baking represents a grandmother’s inviting smile as you bite into a warm chocolate chip cookie. It represents a proud moment that a mother feels when she knows that she’s created a special memory for her children that will last them a lifetime. If nothing more, it is a wholesome, American activity that is just downright fun and creative. Because that’s the case, we believe that buying the best bakeware should be just as natural and easy as baking itself. It can sometimes be confusing to understand the differences between different non-stick coatings, so here are a few simple factors about bakeware coatings to consider when choosing the right pan to help you create a lifetime of memories.

Non-stick Release: How Easily do Baked Items Release from the Pan?

Plain and simple, if you need any sort of effort to release your baked goods, then the pan is not really a non-stick pan. USA Pan products, for instance, have truly effortless release and any true non-stick pan should, just like its name, never stick to your food items. The coating type and how the coating is applied to the pan plays a large role on the quality of the non-stick and can greatly influence whether residue from oils, caramelized sugar, and burnt food end up sticking to your pan. There are a lot of factors like age, quality of the coating, the coating application process, etc. that influence how easily baked goods release from the pan. Not all non-stick pans are created equally, so when doing your shopping research, make sure you avoid pans that have been known to actually stick to certain food items or start sticking after only a few uses.

Dishwasher Safe: How Easy is the Cleaning Process?

Pans that boast true non-stick capabilities in theory should really not require a dishwasher to clean. With USA Pan bakeware, clean-up is a really quick and easy process. For most USA Pan products, washing pans in warm soapy water is the preferred method for maximizing service life of pans. This is because when you run most brands of non-stick bakeware through the dishwasher, you gradually wear down the coating, ultimately diminishing the non-stick capabilities of the pan in the long run. Although non-stick pans can technically be considered “dishwasher safe”, you should be aware of the risks involved for the lifespan of your bakeware.

Abrasion Resistance: How Durable is The Coating from Wear and Tear?

Bakeware typically experiences a certain amount of contact stress from normal usage. Additionally, any scraping, scrubbing, or abrasive contact that a pan may encounter will tend to shorten the service life of the coating on a pan. These stresses can end up tearing away at non-stick coatings over time; however, certain coatings have the tendency to wear out sooner than others. The chemical makeup of the coating, the coating application process, as well as pan design can all influence the durability of the pan and the coating that is applied to it. Be sure to investigate the durability of a pan as well to get the most value out of your purchase! For over 50 years, USA Pan has been the trusted provider of bakeware for the commercial baking industry. Through vigorous testing and with over 50 years of experience to draw from, a USA Pan coating has been perfected to be one you can count on.

Resistance: What is the Heat Resistance of the Pan Coating?

Be sure to avoid excessive cooking temperatures when baking. The chemical composition of the coating will determine at what temperatures the coating starts to deteriorate and decompose. It will also help determine whether any yellowing or discoloration occurs in your bakeware. For instance, most USA Pan bakeware is oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Check with the manufacturer to determine the oven safe temperature of the bakeware you are looking to purchase.
With a better understanding of why coatings matter in your bakeware. Move forth and make an educated decision! Buy the best quality bakeware for professional grade results.

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