What USA Pan Customers Have To Say

“I’ve looked at other name brand bake pans at department stores and nothing came close to the quality of this USA Pan product. Remarkably thick and heavy construction material. Feels like something my grandmother would have had in her 1950s kitchen."

Lawrence Z.

"These USA Pans are durable, an excellent weight, do not deform in the oven, release baked products cleanly, hand wash effortlessly, are well shaped with good corners (which count when you ice a cake), and are superior for their use."


“These are great pans nothing even comes close to their durability and ease of use. Made in the USA and I feel like they can be passed down.”

Erik F.

“Seriously these are the best pans ever! Everything I bake bakes very evenly. You don’t even have to spray the pans... These are the only pans I would recommend to anyone. GET THEM NOW! You won’t regret it”


“These pans are the best I ever used for baking. I threw out all my old pans! I wish I knew about these earlier in my baking life so I would not of spent $$$ on bad pans.”


“I bought the bakeware set and threw out all my other pieces. It does not disappoint. The quality is phenomenal. Food cooks well, and it maintains a beautiful finish. Nothing I have made ever sticks, and clean up is quick. I highly recommend these pans. And, one of the best things about them is they are made in the USA!”

The CookingEnthusiast

“These are the best pans!! They are heavy duty, they cook evenly and they clean easily! I have gotten them all and recommend them to everyone!”


“I think the best characteristic of this set of pots and pans is the 5-ply stainless steel aluminum core. It allows for extremely even cooking… I felt like a professional chef with my results!...The clean-up was extremely easy too. Overall this set of pots and pans has been a great addition to our always busy kitchen. Thanks to USA Pan for such a high quality product which is home grown right here in America."

Nick V.

“The USA Pan 8-piece stainless steel pan set is very impressive. This will be my second set of pans that I have owned and I don’t think I will own another brand other than the USA Pan... As I took the wrappers off I noticed how shiny the pans are. I could see myself in them as if they were mirrors, they are beautiful… The nonstick waterless and greaseless cooking features are great for me as well as my family."

Heather K.

“These are the best products I have ever purchased. Food doesn’t stick and you don’t need silicone mats or parchment paper and I have never experienced an easier and complete clean... Nothing remains in the corners like so many other pans.”

Bettie A.