Pan sear a Steak

How to Pan Sear the Perfect Steak

Step 1:
Pat the steak dry thoroughly with paper towels. This is a delicate process. Make sure not to squeeze too hard as the goal is to remove excess moisture on the surface, not the natural juices that are inside the meat. A dry surface will lead to better browning.

Step 2:
Season the steak with salt and pepper. Make sure to get all sides of the steak, including the sides of the steak, especially if you are cooking with a thicker cut. Now, if you have the time for it, let the steak rest with the seasoning between 40 minutes to 1 hour. This helps further reduce outside moisture.

Step 3:
Make sure you choose the right pan to develop the best sear. Stainless steel cookware is superior to Teflon pans when it comes to searing.

Step 4:
Heat up oil in the pan until it starts to simmer. Add the steak to the pan and flip it every 15 seconds until just before desired cooking temperature is reached. At this point, you may opt to add butter to help finish the steak. Overcooking will end up drying out your steak.

Step 5:
Let rest for at least 5 minutes and then serve.


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