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Chocolate Pretzel Treats

Want a quick, tasty holiday treat but don't have time to bake? These pretzel treats fit the bill! Salty pretzels topped with chocolate, what's not to like? Customize these with any color candy coated chocolate and you have a fast, easy dessert!

Prep time: 10 minutes
Bake Time: 2-5 minutes
Total Time: 12-15 minutes
Serving Size: as many as you would like!

Featured Bakeware:

USA Pan Half Sheet Pan


1 bag pretzel snaps (not the butter flavor)
1- 8 oz package milk chocolate candy kisses
1 package candy coated milk chocolate

Recipe Instructions

Unwrap all the milk chocolate candy kisses. Place the pretzels on your USA Pan half sheet pan or jelly roll pan. Place a candy kiss on top of each pretzel. Melt the kiss slightly in a warm oven (ovens vary greatly, but use around 250-300 degrees and only keep kisses in there a few minutes, 2-5). The kisses will become shiny. Be careful not to overcook. This will result in crumbly kisses. Once kisses are soft, take out of oven and push a candy coated chocolate down on the center. Let pretzels sit to harden. There are so many different flavors of kisses and candy coated chocolates that you can make so many variations of these!

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