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Cheesecake Recipes Page 2

A brownie base topped with a chocolate crunch layer and finally your favorite ice cream on top!! These mini brownie cakes are so easy to customize! Add whatever flavor ice cream you like and top with individual toppings. After unmolding these, allow your guests to top with their preferred toppings...whipped cream, fudge sauce, caramel sauce, nuts, chocolate chips, cherries!

This fruity, refreshing strawberry pretzel jell-o is the perfect springtime dessert. Layered with a crunchy, sweet pretzel crust, followed by a sweet whipped cream layer, and topped with a delicous strawberry pineapple topping. This one is a great addition to any pot luck and is a favorite of David Bundy here at USA Pan!

Lighter than your typical cheesecake, this Japanese version becomes fluffier with the addition of flour and cornstarch. Sweet enough to be enjoyed on its own or topped with fruit.

A fall twist on a classic dessert. Cheesecake meets pumpkin in this amazing dessert. You might want to consider swapping out your pumpkin pie for this one!